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EMCEL Filters - Literature

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Activated Carbon Types

Activated Carbon Types

We offer a variety of carbon types and grades for most odour removal applications.

Precision Engineering

Cylindrical Air Intake

A range of high speed manual & CNC machinery plus the capabilities of our skilled craftsmen, enables EMCEL to offer a wide range of products, manufactured to the very highest quality.

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters

High efficiency filters for applications including the electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and nuclear industries.

Circaframe Cleanable Dust Filters

Circaframe Cleanable Dust Filters

The EMCEL Circaframe particle filter is uniquely constructed, with a strong wire frame thermoplastically bonded to media selected from a large range with differing filtration characteristics.

Odour Control

Odour Control Filter Units

EMCEL offers filters adapted to meet the specific pollution control requirements found at Landfill Sites, Sewage Treatment and Wastewater Plants.

Dust and Particle Filters

Emflex and plipad cleanable filters

Emflex and plipad cleanable filters

Re-usable, polyurethane foam panel, particle filters suitable for HVAC applications.

Ul94 v-0

UL94 V-0 Recognised Air Filters

Polyurethane Foam Air Filters for applications requiring components that conform to UL94 V-0 Flame Retardancy Test.

Disposable Panel Filters

G2 & G3 Panel Filters

G2 & G3 Panel Filters

G2 Glass and G3 Synthetic disposable panel filters incorporating a pad of filter media, suitable for HVAC applications.

G4 Pleated Panel Filters

G4 Pleated Panel Filters

Medium efficiency pleated filters incorporating extended area media packs, suitable for HVAC applications.

HEF Disposable Panels

HEF Disposable Panels

F6, F7, F8 Fine Efficiency ventilation filters suitable for critical HVAC applications.

Carbon Filters



Activated Carbon Filter Units for the removal of chemical vapours, odorous and toxic gases.



Activated Carbon Filter Units for the removal of atmospheric pollutant gases, notably Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone.



Activated Carbon Filter Units for the effective removal of cooking, catering and food processing odours.



EMCEL Slimline filter units are specifically designed for applications where a high level of filtration is needed but where space, and in particular filter depth, restrictions apply.

Replacement Carbon Filter Cells

Replacement Carbon Filter Cells

Activated carbon filter cells manufactured by EMCEL Filters Limited to any size and specification to suit any new or existing filter installation.

Pharmaceutical Air Filters - Safe-Change Units

Safe Change Systems

Safe-Change Systems

For the prevention of exposure to hazardous contaminants during filter changeover.

Special HEPA

Special HEPA Safe-Change Units

Custom designed air filtration units for applications in the Pharmaceutical & Chemical production sector.

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