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Dunham-Bush - Literature

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Welcome to the Comfort Zone Brochure

Offering over 100 years experience of delivering efficient heat and cooling emitters, Dunham-Bush is in a position to offer specifiers a single source for a range of technically advanced products.

Sentinel Door Curtains

The Dunham-Bush Sentinel door curtain is an ideal solution to the ingress of cold air due to “open doorway trading” in retail premises, or busy pedestrian traffic in commercial and public buildings.

Sentry Door Curtains

Sentry door curtains are an ideal solution to limit the ingress of cold air during “open doorway trading” in retail premises or busy pedestrian traffic in commercial and public buildings.

Cougar Fan Coil Unit

The ‘Cougar’ is a high quality, compact, ‘slim-line’ range of fan coil units, designed to fit in to the shallowest of ceiling voids and perform quietly and powerfully for many years to come.

Concierge Fan Coil UNit

The Concierge fan coil unit has been developed specifically for hotel applications. It does not compromise room aesthetics and offers low noise operation for accommodation areas.

Leopard Fan Coil Unit

The ‘Leopard’ is a compact, adaptable, high quality range of fan coil units, that will perform quietly and powerfully for many years to come.

Lynx Fan Coil Unit

‘Lynx’, designed and manufactured to ISO9001 : 2008 by Dunham-Bush Ltd, is a cost effective fan coil unit designed for quiet, powerful and resilient performance.

Panther Fan Coil Units

The ‘Panther’ is an adaptable, easy to use fan coil unit, that performs quietly and powerfully, with inherent quality.

Puma Vertical Coil Unit

The ‘Puma’ is an adaptable, easy to use range of fan coil units, with inherent quality, that will perform quietly and powerfully for many years to come.

Series 600 Fan Convector

The Series 600 fan convector heater is the ideal heating solution where wall space is not available and surface mounted ceiling units cannot be used.

Series AM Fan Convector

Each heater consists of a casing, motor/fan platform, air filter and heating coil. Depending upon the model, grilles are either fitted to the casing or can be supplied loose for fitting by others.

Series BM Fan Convector

Series BM fan convectors provide warm air heating when connected to a low or medium temperature hot water system and a single phase electrical supply.

Series CM Fan Convector

Series CM fan convectors are the ideal heating solution for general applications such as schools, colleges, offices and libraries. They are simple in design but are built to a robust quality.

Supercomfort Fan Convector

Supercomfort fan convectors are the ideal solution for heating schools, colleges, care homes, libraries, churches and all institutional buildings.

LST Radiators

System LST low surface temperature radiators deliver efficient ambient heating in applications where safety is paramount.

Perimeter Heating

Finvector provides natural convection heating around the room perimeter and produces a warm air curtain, which off-sets down draughts and heat losses, to ensure comfortable conditions.

Dunham Strip Radiant Panels

Dunham Strip is the solution for industrial radiant heating from central plant. It is supplied in simple, modular strips ready for installation and connection to pumped hot water or steam systems.

Evo-Lite Radiant Panel

Evo-Lite is a radiant heating panel system for applications where heat-output demand requires a cost-effective solution.

Evolution Radiant Panel

Evolution is an architectural radiant panel system, ideal for application in light industrial or commercial buildings. It is designed for use with low temperature hot water.

Hydrocourse Trench Heating

Hydrocourse Trench heating is suitable for application in many buildings, such as offices, libraries and laboratories.

Aerocourse Trench Heating

Fan Assisted Trench Heating. Casings are available in a range of eight models to suit outputs as well as accommodate flow and return pipework.

Unit Heaters

Series UH Unit Heaters are intended to provide warm air heating in industrial buildings when used in conjunction with a pumped hot water or steam system.


The entire product line features high energy efficiency, installation ease, control flexibility, high reliability and advanced Vision 2020i controller.

Prometheus DCLC Series-M Chillers

The new Dunham-Bush DCLC-M Centrifugal chiller range with state of the art oil-free compressors offer a packaged chiller with superior efficiency and reliability.

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