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Daikin Applied (UK) - Literature

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D-AHU Modular

They are not only modular and compact, the new series are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly too.

D-AHU Professional Brochure

Our AHUs are based on a completely modular design, capable of adapting to the needs of a variety of installation types.



The EWAD-TZB chiller has improved chiller performance by increasing the efficiency of the in-house developed compressor with integrated inverter using VVR technology and DC motors.


Air cooled screw chiller with free cooling, high efficiency and reduced sound featuring stepless single-screw compressor, greater energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.


The EWAD-D-XS utilises 2 independent refrigerant circuits, a stepless single-screw compressor and a MicroTech III controller with superior control logic and easy interface.


Featuring a refrigerant circuit with single screw compressor, a brazed plate heat exchanger and able to get ambient temperature down to -18°C and water supply down to -15°C.


EWAD-TZPS/PR provides premium energy efficiency both at full and part load conditions featuring integrated inverter and variable volume ratio (VVR).


A chiller featuring reliable and efficient scroll compressors with high EER values, which increases competitiveness, reduces weight and reduces footprint thanks to the V-shaped frame.


An air cooled multi-scroll chiller with standard efficiency and reduced sound complete with 2 independent refrigerant circuits and a large operation range of 52°C to -18°C.


Featuring a single refrigerant circuit (2 scroll compressors) with single evaporator for a compact design to allow indoor installation or retrofit projects.

EWAD-C-PR Chillers

Air cooled screw chiller, premium efficiency, reduced sound. Stepless single-screw compressor, excellent part load efficiency & large operation range.

EWAD-D-HS Chiller

Air cooled screw chiller, high ambient, standard sound. Stepless single-screw compressor, optimised for use with R-134a & large operation range.


Water cooled centrifugal chiller, high efficiency, standard sound. Lower equipment, installation and annual operating costs.


Water cooled screw chiller, high efficiency, standard sound. Partial and total heat recovery option available.


Remote Monitoring and Control

Using remote monitoring results in enhanced control and measuring, reduces risks and keeps the system running as it was intended to.

Intelligent Equipment

Intelligent Equipment

Freedom and control to monitor and manage your HVAC equipment effectively. Intelligent Equipment from Daikin Applied gives you unprecedented visibility into your Daikin HVAC equipment.

Spares Flyer

Sustain the efficiency of your Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd (McQuay) equipment with genuine renewal parts.

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd
Head Office
Bassington Lane Industrial Estate
Northumberland NE23 8AF

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