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CAREL UK - Humidification Literature

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humiFog multizone

humiFog represents the latest generation of atomising humidifiers with a power consumption of just 4 Watts per litre/hour of nebulised water.

WTS Water Treatment System

WTS Water Treatment System

Reverse osmosis water treatment system. CAREL’s offering of complete solutions continues to grow, with two new versions suitable for all types of humidifiers.


humiSteam Brochure

humiSteam, the immersed electrode humidifier, is the culmination of CAREL’s thirty-year experience in the field of steam humidification & the rational choice for a vast series of applications.


heaterSteam Brochure

The sophisticated range of heaterSteam immersed heater humidifiers is the ideal solution when the level of humidity needs to be controlled with considerable precision.



CAREL’s experience in the humidification sector has led to the development of gaSteam, the range of gas-fired humidifiers, available in 45, 90 and 180 kg/h models.



Significant energy savings by minimizing condensation and heat loss in the AHU/duct. Uses steam from a pressurized distribution system or from a humidifier.

MC multizone

MC multizone Brochure

The mc multizone adiabatic humidification system is ideal for the humidification of medium/large industrial environments and large volumes of air, in the duct and for air handling units.

humiSonic User Guide

humiSonic Adiabatic ultrasonic humidifiers

humiSonic makes the advantages of adiabatic humidification available to small/medium applications, with energy savings of up to 90%.


humiDisk Brochure

CAREL's humiDisk uses a spinning disk to atomise water. Very fine droplets are blown into the controlled environment by a built-in fan where they evaporate to humidify and cool the air.



ChillBooster is an adiabatic air cooling system for use on chillers and drycoolers and for all air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

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