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Britannia Kitchen Ventilation - Literature

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Introductory Brochure

Introductory Brochure

Britannia are specialists in commercial kitchen ventilation, providing bespoke solutions to suit your kitchen exactly with a wide range of products including canopies, ventilated ceilings, etc.

A complete design guide containing information about Britannia's commercial kitchen ventilation range, including lighting, ventilated ceilings and fire suppression systems.

The Britstream range of hoods has been developed after years of “in the field” research & development of kitchen hoods & extensive testing & retesting at Britannia Kitchen Ventilation.

Econex superstream, high-efficiency grease filters are positioned at the periphery of the canopy, where they are able to extract and filter the fumes from the cooking process.

Ecostream is an advanced filtration unit that is an ideal partner to both conventional and UV kitchen ventilation canopies, used in conjunction with Ultrastream UV.

Heydal is a fully integrated suspended ceiling system that is designed for ventilating large commercial kitchens, incorporating fully demountable exhaust air, supply air and blank modules.

Refresh is a self contained kitchen ventilation unit that comprises an extract and supply canopy with a dedicated services tower at one end from Britannia Kitchen Ventilation.

Silverline is based on shallow conventional extract canopies, with the rest of the ceiling laid to grid with insulated stainless steel tiles, fixed light lanes and removable supply diffusers.

The canopies have specially designed baffle filters which provide the first stage of grease removal, the extracted air then passes through the UV reaction chamber.

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation Ltd
Clarence Street
Leamington Spa
CB31 2AD

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