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Advanced - Blog

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Diesel Generator Blog

  • Planning your Site for A diesel Generator
  • In this piece, we’ll look at site planning and site preparation for three common types of diesel back-up generator systems, both those that ...

  • Starting a Diesel Generator in Cold Weather
  • Whist it rarely gets particularly cold in most of the southern UK, the farther north you go the more you chance encountering sub-freezing ...

  • What size Diesel Generator do you need
  • The whole point of a back-up diesel generator is to provide all the electrical power you need to keep your business or organisation ...

  • Load Bank Testing
  • A diesel generator is required to provide power when mains power cuts out or becomes unreliable, whether due to a storm or maintenance ...

  • kVA Explained
  • Power ratings are expressed in different forms such as WATTS, AMPERES or AMPS, VOLTS, and also in KVA, But what exacty is kVA ...

  • UK Power Supplies at risk post Brexit
  • After the public's Brexit decision, we explore how the UK's power supply will be affected and how much we rely on the Eurozone ...

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