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EMCEL Filters - Applications

Click on the links below to view applications:

Airports, Hotels, Offices & typical HVAC Systems

HVAC Filters – EMCEL manufacture a variety of particle, carbon filters and carbon filter units for applications...

Catering Industry

Catering Filters – EMCEL Katercarb filters are extensively used by the catering industry to meet the odour control requirements...

Combined Cycle Power Plants

EMCEL design and manufacture filters for the removal of CO2 from the airflow during filling and emptying of storage tanks..

Compressors, Blowers, Engines & Vacuums

EMCEL manufacture Cylindrical Air Intake Filters specifically designed to protect equipment such as compressors, blowers...

Defence, military & civil installations, fighting ships & vehicles

Military Filters – EMCEL manufacture and supply a wide range of filter units for various military applications. These filters can...

Hospitals and Laboratories

EMCEL have an extensive range of Particle & HEPA filters for the Health and Medical Research Sectors where protection...

Museums, Galleries, Libraries & Archive Stores

Museum Filtration - For over 35 years EMCEL air filters have been selected by many leading museums and galleries to protect...

Nuclear Power Generation & Isotope Production

Air Filters for the Nuclear Industry – EMCEL supply a range of particle and carbon filters, including special high...

Landfill and Wastewater Plants

Activated Carbon Filters – EMCEL design, manufacture and supply many filters for odour control at landfill sites, sewage...

Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical

Working closely with customers, EMCEL has designed and manufactured many unique air filtration units to meet the...

Telecommunications, Electronics, Computers & Avionics

To protect sensitive equipment from particle and dust contamination, EMCEL manufacture a wide range of dust and...

EMCEL Filters Ltd
Blatchford Road
West Sussex
RH13 5RA

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