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Viessmann - Heating Systems

Heating Systems - Heat Pumps - Gas Boilers - Oil Boilers - Solar Thermal Technology

Intelligent use of heating and air conditioning systems is vital in times of rising energy costs. Viessmann has over 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing heating systems around the world.

Our comprehensive range of domestic, commercial and renewable systems means that Viessmann continues to partner Architects, Contractors and Specifiers for all manner of heating and climate projects.

Any Project, Any Application

From domestic properties to commercial projects and local authorities, Viessmann has a wealth of experience in manufacturing reliable, safe and sustainable heating solutions.

At Viessmann, we offer a comprehensive range of heating systems from 1.5 kW to 120 MW to support architects. These include;

  • Gas & oil boilers
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Solar thermal technology
  • Solar PV technology

We offer heating solutions for every requirement and provide expert advice for every step of your project.

As an environmental pioneer, the company is committed to bringing ecology, economy and social responsibility into harmony with each other, resulting in some iconic projects.

Capable of integrating multiple technologies, we are keen to push the boundaries of heating and cooling systems, which has resulted in our innovative ‘Heating with ice’ technology.

Efficient Photovoltaic Systems

By installing a Viessmann photovoltaic system, anyone can generate their own power. Converting free solar energy into power makes financial sense and the use of power storage facilities allows you to be less dependent on the public grid for your electricity.

There are currently two ways in which the solar power generated by a rooftop photovoltaic system can be used: it can either be exported to the grid in its entirety, or it can be partially or completely consumed on site. In the past it was usually more financially attractive to export all solar power generated into the grid. Falling feed-in tariffs on the one hand and increasing electricity costs on the other, make the option of using your own power on site more appealing. Electricity costs per kilowatt hour are generally far higher than the remuneration tariff for the same kilowatt hour of solar power that is exported into the grid.

For this reason, the number of architects and house builders interested in this form of power generation is continuing to grow.

  • Protect the environment – the use of photovoltaic systems reduces the damage caused by emissions & protects natural resources
  • Generating solar power is already significantly cheaper than drawing domestic power from the grid
  • A PV system will enhance your property & increase its value

Viessmann photovoltaic systems are designed to last for decades, thanks to their simple operating principle, they are completely reliable.

Project – The First Installation of its Kind in the UK

A show home for HUF HAUS, the system used a ground source heat pump and ice store to deliver ultra-efficient heating.

The ice store system consists of a cylindrical concrete container which is buried a few metres into the ground. This retains the latent heat produced by the release of crystallisation energy during the exothermic process of liquid (water) changing to solid (ice). A heat source management system is programmed to draw energy for heating from either the ice store system or a solar air absorber on the house’s roof. The ice store also draws energy from the surrounding ground, if the ground has a higher temperature, to regenerate heat in the ice store out of the winter heating period.

In summer, the ice store can also be used to provide natural cooling for the building’s interior. Here, the water is allowed to fully turn to ice at the end of the heating season. Heat is then drawn from the heating system and channelled into the ice store. This melts the ice and consequently cools the heating circuit within the home.

Free CIBSE Approved CPD Courses

Viessmann is pleased to offer free CIBSE accredited CPD courses, which provide information on a variety of heating technologies and how they can be applied to various projects.

To see how Viessmann can support your project, please visit our website www.viessmann.co.uk or email us at info-uk@viessmann.com

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