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Uponor UK - Ceiling Heating & Cooling

Ceiling Heating & Cooling - PEX Pipe Systems - Thermally Active Building System - TABS - Varicool

Uponor UK is a leading provider of plumbing, radiant heating and cooling, local heat distribution and infrastructure solutions.

Our innovative products for plumbing, which include the multi-layer composite pipe or flexible PEX pipe systems ease the installation process for radiator and tap water connections.

The Uponor portfolio also includes all relevant metal and plastic pipe fittings, accessories and tools.

What is more, our pre-insulated pipe systems for local heat distribution connect different buildings and supply the needed infrastructure for environmentally friendly solutions ideally in combination with underfloor heating or ceiling cooling.

With over 100 years’ experience in delivering solutions, developers, installers, architects and consultants can rest assured that Uponor products are of the highest quality.

Chilled & Heated Ceilings

Ceiling heaters and ceiling coolers are mainly found in offices and sales areas or also in industrial buildings and sports halls. They are often used as a supplement to other radiant panel heating and cooling solutions.

The conventional ceiling heating system is installed directly on the ceiling or in suspended grid ceilings.

In the case of office or commercial properties, thermal element activation is an economical and sustainable way to heat and cool buildings in an energy efficient way.

Uponor offers different solutions for an air-handling ceiling with its subsidiary Uponor Energy Solutions. Which performance version is best-suited depends on what requirements the customer has for cooling and heating, and on the type of building.

We have the right heating systems for you, whether for a single family house or for an industrial building.

Below is a summary of our core offering:

Thermally Active Building System (TABS)

Uponor TABS utilises the concrete’s thermal mass by embedding pipes carrying water for heating and cooling in the building’s structure.

This way, ceilings, floors or walls contribute primarily to the sensible cooling, and secondarily to the base heating of the building.

The embedded pipes activate the concrete core in the building mass for storage and discharge of thermal loads.


Uponor offer a range of chilled and heated ceiling solutions under the brand name Varicool.

Offering supreme comfort, Varicool provides excellent interior acoustics and is visually appealing.

This solution is ideal for commercial and office spaces.

Find out more at www.uponor.co.uk

Advantages of Working with Uponor

  • More freedom for your spatial planning
  • Environmentally friendly heating with radiant panel heating
  • Tailor-made systems for new construction & renovation (e.g. ceiling heating in drywall systems)
  • Complete solutions from one supplier
  • Heating & cooling ceilings provide for pleasant temperatures year-round

Ceiling Heating

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