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Telling Architectural - Glass Reinforced Concrete

GRC - Glass Reinforced Concrete - Lightweight - Interiors - Refurbishment - Cladding

What is GRC?

GRC (glass reinforced concrete) spray mix is a fibre reinforced pre-cast concrete with a 50-50 sand cement matrix in a typical wall thickness of 12 to 15mm thick. Hollow rib profiles created around the perimeter and across the rear face at designed centres provide the structural integrity of the components. These ribs are between 50 and 100mm in depth and are not visible once the façade is assembled.

It is a technology proven in use over 25 years and GRC provides the designer with options for façade design that few other materials can match for versatility.

GRC or GFRC is made in thin concrete sections created by a proprietary process of machine spraying an enriched OP cement and aggregate mix within which alkali resistant glass fibres provide the reinforcement. Unlike steel, glass fibres will never rust and are placed throughout the thickness of the panels.

GRC is approximately 80% lighter than pre-cast steel reinforced concrete cladding, it offers greater versatility due to its superior compressive strength and most importantly its flexural properties. Due to the reduced weight it is environmentally friendly in comparison to pre-cast concrete with lower co2 emissions caused during manufacture. The emission reductions are significantly enhanced if the reduced load on the superstructure with the resultant economies in structural frame and foundations are taken in to account.

There is virtually no limit to the shape or profile that can be created in a variety of smooth, profiled or textural finishes.

Moulds can be created to replicate the most complex of profiles in restoration, renovation and new construction.

Support systems can be adapted to meet the demand for unitised off site construction.

GRC Interiors

GRC is a thin walled, lightweight composite concrete with excellent flexural capacity. These properties allow bespoke and daring features, furniture and forms to be created in a wide range of applications.

The mass of the panel provides excellent acoustic performance whether solid or perforated.

The concrete can be stained, sealed or glazed for protection against staining or feature effect. Jesmonite is a process under consideration in this field.

GRC Refurbishment

GRC is at much as home in refurbishment and re-modelling as in new build. It delivers monolithic architecture in lightweight and practical façade components with less load on the structure compared to pre-cast concrete or reconstituted stone solutions.

Telling GRC Product Range
Telling GRC Product Range
Telling GRC Product Range


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Telling Architectural GRC Product Range

Telling Architectural GRC Product Range

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