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Integrating Lighting into Architecture

It is never too soon to think how lighting will work in your project.

You can show the client the principal of how you see artificial lighting changing the look and feel of the space without bogging them down with details beyond how it feels to live or work in your design.

Simply put, if you do not want ceiling fixtures to compromise or ruin the lines of your design, show embedded lighting in rendered graphics, walk-throughs or models.

Convincing the design team to integrate lighting into the architecture can give stunning results. Light fixtures become part of the building fabric and once installed disappear into the walls or ceiling yet still provide the accent lighting or task lighting required.

Essentially integrated LED lighting allows the designer or architect to play with light and shadows to enhance the design rather than detract from it.

Practicalities are easier than you think

Working with ‘not-quite-square’ conditions found on-site is easier because these plaster products can be cut and customised as required so everything fits without issue. The wide range of plaster and aluminium factory-finished profiles, with knife-edge sharp details, introduce a quality every designer or architect would like to achieve without the compromise of what a tradesman can achieve on-site.

For those who want to move away from the normal ‘grid’ layout there are products that offer the ability to make curves, circles or pretty much any shape that would work in the space.

All profiles can be used with several different LED tapes with a wide range of light outputs and colour temperatures working with the chosen lighting control system.

Offering this flexibility does not have an impact on the engineer’s work as this solution can still provide the lighting levels the space requires and remove the discomfort glare associated with direct lighting.

And of course, everything else

With 30 years in the specification lighting industry, Lighting Styles can assist with all aspects of lighting from simple ground lights to elaborate bespoke installations. We work with you to ensure you have the best lighting design, to your specific budget and project requirements.

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