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DENCO - Climate Control - Adiadenco Cooling - Downflow Air Configuration


The DENCO brand stands for a long and proud history of providing customers with an assurance: the assurance of a closely controlled climate. Today as a FläktGroup flagship brand, we have learnt our customer’s requirements, desires and ambitions; we have developed our knowledge and experience to enable them to succeed and to minimise impact to the climate through constant innovation in the DENCO range.


Multi-DENCO is the most flexible product from the DENCO range. Whilst predominantly designed to address the needs of IT cooling, it can be used in transformer rooms, switch rooms, lift motor rooms, AV rooms, telecom rooms, laboratories, libraries and even archives and museums. Its key is its superior ability to control both the temperature and humidity enabling you to have confidence that your operations are in the ideal climate.

Multi-DENCO units can provide up to 150 kW of cooling within 7 different casing sizes, which can be in upflow or downflow air configuration. All units are less than 2m high with footprints ranging from 60x60cm to 88x338cm. All units are available with a variety of ancillaries custom made for each unique application. This innovative solution is available in chilled water, direct expansion and hybrid free cooling variants.

Each cooling variant provides energy efficient, precision climate control through the use of EC fans, inverter driven compressors or a choice of chilled water control valves. Full BMS integration is achieved using the advanced C5-12 microprocessor controller, which also includes functionality such as running redundancy, sensor averaging and the ability to record up to 28 days of events and alarm history.

Multi-DENCO is also available with various options and features such as water leak detection, automatic pressurised system (APS), pressure independent control valves (PICV), energy monitoring, airflow monitoring and power redundancy options. All the above allows Multi-DENCO to be the climate control solution you need.


The unit has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of data centres. Designed for only a downflow air configuration and chilled water cooling, the unit is ideally suited towards rooms which have a 500mm or greater floor void. Every aspect of the unit has been designed for performance: the larger coil and larger filters means that there are lower air pressure drops, the large EC fans mean that at partial speeds there is a significant reduction in energy consumption and all the components within the chilled water pipework have been selected and designed to give the lowest pressure drop within the circuit.

The design allows for very high cooling capacity at standard water temperatures, together with the possibility of greater efficiencies at higher temperatures. The large coil helps to reduce air pressure drop. Its position has been refined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to ensure return air is carefully guided over the coil vanes to give even distribution and maximum heat exchange.


he adiabatic cooling system, which has been especially developed for data centres, is based on the simple principle that evaporating water removes heat from its surroundings. With the Adia-DENCO, cooling takes place energy-efficiently in a large double-plate heat exchanger. The warm outdoor air is first humidified, which cools it, and is then sent to the recuperator. This dual recuperator then cools the entering warm return air from the computer centre by hermetically sealed heat exchange. The large surface involved here enables highly efficient operation at all operating points, with low pressure drop and hygienic safe operation at all times.

Because of its performance profile, the Adia-DENCO cooling system satisfies the new environmental recommendations for computer centres, which advise maximum supply-air temperatures of 27°C. The very low number of annual hours with outside temperatures above 29°C (in moderate climates) reduces the annual energy requirements for compression refrigeration to an absolute minimum – or renders it entirely unnecessary. Because of this extensive reduction of the compression refrigeration required, operators of computer centres can save up to 70% of required energy and therefore reduce their operating costs. The extremely low annual operating costs of the Adia-DENCO cooling system enable its amortisation after a short period which applies in all moderate to cold climate regions of the world.

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