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Insulight™ - Solar Control - Suncool™ - energiKare™ - Spacia™ - Fire Protection

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Pilkington United Kingdom Ltd manufactures a wide range of coated, rolled, laminated and toughened float glass products as well as its own range of high performance double- and triple-glazing units under the brand name Pilkington Insulight™.

We are highly focused on product quality and customer service as well as striving to deliver the benefits of our technical innovation and insight. Our R&D Team is continually developing new technologies to drive glass performance to meet the latest regulations and future demands.

To help you choose the right glass for your project, the ranges are categorised by product benefit such as Solar Control, Thermal Insulation, Noise Reduction, Safety & Security, Self-Cleaning Decoration and Special Applications.

Solar Control

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Solar control glass can be an attractive feature of a building whilst at the same time minimising and sometimes even eliminating the need for shading devices.

Effective solar control glazing products can also reduce the strain on air conditioning systems and so lower building running costs.

Pilkington tinted glass such as Pilkington Arctic Blue™, and coated glass such as Pilkington Suncool™, are available in both toughened and laminated formats with a wide range of G-values from around 0.45 to below 0.20.

Thermal Insulation

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The Pilkington energiKare™ range allows you to acquire all your energy saving requirements from one source. From new homes to traditional buildings, you can now achieve better energy ratings in a wide range of properties.

Pilkington energiKare™ – double-glazing units reduce the amount of heat lost through windows and allow the transmission of more heat in from the sun, an effect known as solar gain.

Pilkington energiKare™ Advantage – optimised for low U-value applications, this revolutionary concept utilises two low-emissivity glasses to achieve triple-glazing performance in a double-glazed unit. By combining Pilkington Optitherm™ S1 Plus with Pilkington K Glass™ OW on surface #4, a centre-pane U-value as low as 0.9 W/m²K can be achieved.

Pilkington Spacia™ – the world’s first commercially available vacuum glazing. These ultra-slim glazing units, just 6.5mm thick, can be fitted in new and existing timber and metal frames, retaining the aesthetics of older, more traditional buildings.

Glass Systems

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Pilkington Planar™, the world’s leading structural glazing system, opens huge possibilities for the creation of complete glass envelopes with frameless façades in any plane. Internal or external support structures can include the use of glass mullions, conventional steel or the revolutionary Pilkington Planar™ Tension Structure design, to be as subtle or as dramatic as required.

Pilkington engineers and DuPont scientists have combined their leading-edge technologies to develop the Planar™ | SentryGlas® System, the ultimate in strength, safety, durability and appearance in laminated structural glass.

Fire Protection

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A range of fire-resistant glass is available offering various levels of protection – measured in terms of integrity (barrier to flames and smoke) and insulation (limiting radiated heat) – from 30/0 to 180/180.

New to the range and based on new processing technology, Pilkington Pyroclear® is an advanced toughened monolithic fire-resistant and safety glass designed for use as an entry-level integrity-only barrier. In a DG unit construction, Pilkington Pyroclear® Plus can include coated glass products to provide thermal insulation and solar control as well as fire protection up to 60/15.

Pilkington Pyrodur®, Pilkington Pyrodur® Plus (integrity with partial insulation) and Pilkington Pyrostop® (integrity with full fire insulation) are comprised of multi-laminated layers of float glass and clear intumescent interlayers to produce an opaque shield on exposure to fire, limiting the transmission of both conductive and radiant heat.

Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear and Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Texture are monolithic wired glasses that provide integrity-only fire protection in both metal and timber frames.

CPD Seminars

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We are a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and can offer architects and other construction professionals high-quality CPD (Continuing Professional Development) material in person. The personal CPDs are rigorously assessed by RIBA and carry the prestige, good name and industry respect expected of RIBA.

We currently offer 2 RIBA-approved “face-to-face” CPD Seminars:

Seminar 1: Pilkington & Glass

  • Greater understanding of glass as a material
  • Overview of how float glass is manufactured
  • Content on solar control, thermal insulation, structural glazing, fire-resistance & self-cleaning coatings

Seminar 2: Glass & Structural Glazing Systems

  • Brief history of glass in architecture
  • Explanation of the design principles & components involved
  • Understanding of typical production & manufacturing routes
  • Typical applications & support structures
  • Health & Safety considerations & testing

Seminar 3: Glass for Energy Management

  • How clear, tinted & coated glasses are manufactured
  • Emissivity - what it is & its role in controlling heat loss through glazing
  • G-values - how different glass types & their coatings work in controlling solar heat gain
  • Physical limitations imposed by the solar spectrum (light vs. heat)


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