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Mitsubishi Electric - Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Controls

Advanced Air Conditioning - Controls - Heat Recovery Ventilation - Sustainable

Towards a Sustainable Future

With 44% of all emissions generated in our built environment, we need to make buildings more efficient, less carbon intensive and where possible, incorporate renewable energy solutions. Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive range of highly efficient products and integrated solutions that allow customers to not just meet, but exceed the targets set by legislation.

As we enter an age of energy labelling for both equipment and buildings, Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced air conditioning offers high levels of SCOP (Seasonal Co-efficient Of Performance) and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance which give a more realistic indication of system operation over the entire heating and cooling seasons, and can be used to calculate annual CO2 emissions and system run cost figures.

Advanced Air Conditioning

The world-famous City Multi, Mr Slim and M-Series air conditioning offers advanced solutions for almost any commercial building, large or small. This includes the world’s first VRF system to incorporate a unique, flat tube aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger to provide even greater heat transfer efficiency. The new YLM can deliver up to 27% annual energy savings, with controllable off-coil temperatures, continuous heating during defrost and reduced weight, size and refrigerant volume.

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air conditioning can deliver simultaneous heating and cooling, offsetting one requirement against another to maximise efficiency. The City Multi range achieves this using the unique two-pipe technology rather than the standard three pipes, cutting down on materials, installation time and the potential for leakage.

Systems can also link with products such as air curtains to decrease carbon emissions further, and the company also offers an advanced range of heat pump boilers that connect directly to the air conditioning to reuse excess heat to supply a building’s domestic hot water.

Less Refrigerant in Occupied Spaces

The Hybrid VRF range uses water to transfer heating or cooling to occupied spaces, combining chiller levels of comfort with the efficiency and flexibility of VRF air conditioning in one system.

A Modern Update to Chillers

The E-Series chiller range delivers a unique modular approach to chiller technology in cooling-only, heating-only and heat pump modules. Offering capacities from 90kW to 540kW, larger systems can also be built with service space requirements of only 900mm.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique Lossnay’s system provides total heat recovery (sensible and latent), to deliver a comfortable air temperature and internal environment. The energy saved by using Lossnay contributes towards lowering the running costs and minimising the size of air conditioning systems needed.

Both residential (DC Lossnay) and commercial (Lossnay RVX, RVXT and Kanzen Air Handling Unit) are available, giving Mitsubishi Electric a ventilation solution for any type of building application.

Advanced Controls & Internet Access

Mitsubishi Electric’s controls package is one of the strongest ranges on the market and includes the widest range of BEMS interfaces in the industry including BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks and Trend for both VRF and split systems.

The AE200 centralised controller’s large 9 inch touchscreen display offers easy control of up to 50 indoor units, with features such as annual and weekly schedules, night setback, optimised start and refrigerant status function to name a few. The unique Melcotel Hotel Interface system can control up to 250 hotel rooms either with or without the integration of a key card system.

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