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Gilberts (Blackpool) - Mistrale Air Distribution & Natural Ventilation

External Standard High Performance Louvres - Passive Natural Ventilation Systems

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Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan forced ventilation, simply uses the natural pressure differential force of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and cooling.

Naturally ventilating a building offers the best of both worlds, combining little or no energy consumption with low capital costs, whilst still providing adequate fresh air and temperature conditions throughout the year.

With plant room also eliminated, lower service/maintenance costs and services space minimised, natural ventilation makes for one of the most practical choices of the day.

Gilberts Mistrale natural ventilation range is a comprehensive, all new design incorporating patented design features that position it at the leading edge of modern natural ventilation design. Designed for both stack effect, wind driven or even single wall/façade solutions, Mistrale provides choices for an efficient, effective natural ventilation solution.

Key Features

Mistrale 50 & 75

Mistrale 50 and 75 damper solutions provide both large and small format natural ventilation cassettes, enabling installation into both windows and walls. A patented insulated blade damper with full insulated casing not only offers very low leakage when closed, but also a U-value of less than 1 Watt/m²/k.

The patented intake louvre design also offers high weather performance in an economical single bank assembly. Optional coils allow the unit to combine ventilation with a heating or cooling function.

Penthouse Turret

Gilberts intake/exhaust penthouse turrets are manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to create a perfect system design and aesthetic, and cater for both wind driven or stack effect systems.

All penthouse units include our patented high weather efficiency class ‘A’ design to eliminate weather ingress, and can be fitted on to both flat and pitched roofs.

Fusion Terminal

A single side wall or façade solution, Gilberts new Mistrale Fusion MFS terminals combine ventilation with an innovative heat recovery solution, incorporating an ultra-low power fan.

Mistrale Fusion MFS is not in the strictest sense a full natural ventilation solution, however it does allow us to harness this free natural cooling source with added benefits.

One of the latest innovations in ventilation, Mistrale Fusion MFS is a dynamic hybrid that includes ultra-low power fan assistance that energises in poor air movement conditions to ensure adequate ventilation that meets BB101 and PBSB requirements at all times.


The Mistrale system has been developed in conjunction with a matching controls package for total comfort control.

Room CO2 and temperature sensors can interface with the unit controls to fully manage the complex relationship between airflow, temperature and air quality and maintain the perfect environment.

For help and advice for your next natural ventilation project contact Gilberts. Our natural ventilation experts will be pleased to offer any informal, friendly guidance you may require.

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