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FRENGER Systems - Chilled Beams & Heating Solutions

In-House Design Service - Multiservice Chilled Beams - Active Chilled - MSRPs

FRENGER In-House Design Services

FRENGER’s UK technical facility is dedicated to Multiservice Chilled Beam (MSCB) technology. FRENGER designs and manufactures in-house and is able to meet the specific requirements of the professional teams for various landmark building projects. This ranges from the overall appearance, to the provision of a comfortable working environment for the end user.

FRENGER offers clients a full lighting design service, CAD drafting and 3D rendering of MSCBs in the environment, climatic simulations and full scale Climatic Testing in any one of their three BSRIA calibrated Climatic Testing Laboratories at their Pride Park facility, in-house Thermal Imaging, two Photometric Lighting Laboratories and also an Acoustic Sound Laboratory.

Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCBs)

MSCBs can utilise either passive or active beam technologies. MSCBs provide visually stunning yet 100% functional building services which are 100% pre-fabricated off-site in a controlled factory environment, thus significantly reducing the site installation programme.

All services are 100% factory tested and delivered Plug ‘n’ Play to reduce on-site commissioning time.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal where floor-to-slab height is minimal
  • Low running costs – minimal maintenance requirements
  • Delivers many services in a single unit – so reducing costs
  • Beam aesthetic can be customised to client requirements

Design Options

The following building services can be integrated within Frenger MSCBs:

  • Cooling
  • Up-lighting
  • Control valves
  • Heating
  • Fire alarm
  • Down-lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • BMS sensors
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Fresh air requirements
  • Pipework / ductwork trunking
  • Pipework / ductwork

Passive Chilled Beam & Chilled Ceilings

FRENGER’s “Radiant” passive chilled beam X-Wing outperforms any other beam on the market today. Radiant Beams can be used with ceiling perforations, from high percentage open area, down to micro perforated tiles with 2.4mm diameter holes and 28% free area which make them virtually invisible from below. Alternatively the X-Wing units can be left exposed for higher cooling and unique aesthetics.

FRENGER has designed, supplied and installed Radiant chilled beam ceilings on many major UK projects, and on tower buildings for Australia and other countries.

Active Chilled Beams

FRENGER offers active chilled beams to meet a multitude of needs. FRENGER’s low profile active beam has 135mm construction depth and is ideal where the ceiling void is restricted. FRENGER’s high performance beams can handle large air volumes (up to 70l/s per beam) and consequently delivers the highest cooling capacities.

Multiservice Radiant Panels (MSRPs)

FRENGER’s Acoustic, Lighting and Heating Rafts, otherwise known as Multiservice Radiant Panels (MSRPs), consist essentially of a free hanging Radiant Heating Panel coupled with other services such as: lighting, acoustic sound absorbing materials, apertures for sprinkler heads, compartment trunking for other electrical services, apertures for PA and VA speakers, lighting control, PIR sensors and photocells.

The radiant heating element is the same technology as utilised for FRENGER’s Modula panels.

Chilled Beam Architecture & Design

Frenger has unveiled its latest literature “Chilled Beam Architecture & Design”, showcasing how Frenger’s varied chilled beam solutions can be used in different building environments. Scan the QR code to find out more about Chilled Beam Architecture & Design.

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Chilled Beams

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