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ARDEX - Sub Floor Preparation

Levelling - Floor Screeds - Adhesives - Smoothing Compounds

ARDEX flooring products are designed to work together for total peace of mind. Each product is the result of research and development with the help of specifiers and contractors to ensure product compatibility and market leading performance.

Latex-Based Sub-Floor Smoothing Compounds

ARDITEX NA – Ultra Rapid Setting Ammonia-Free Low Odour Latex Sub-Floor Levelling & Smoothing Compound

Can be used with confidence over old adhesive residues, including bitumen and even ceramic tiling. Suitable to receive floor coverings after only 4 hours, ARDITEX NA can be used under a DPM.

Powder & Water-Based Floor Smoothing Compounds

ARDEX K 15 NEW – Rapid Drying Self-Levelling Sub-Floor Smoothing Compound

Ideal for use where installation times must be kept to a minimum, ARDEX K 15 NEW is rapid hardening, walkable in 2 hours, and regardless of thickness, floor coverings can be applied the next day.

ARDEX K 15-HB – High Build Rapid Drying Sub-Floor Levelling & Smoothing Compound

Contains graded aggregate which gives significant cost savings on sub-floors with greater application thicknesses up to 35mm. Walkable in 2 hours, and regardless of thickness, floor coverings can be applied the next day.

ARDEX K 39 - Extended Workability, High Flow Levelling and Smoothing Compound

Offers market leading 40 minute working time with excellent flow and finish creating the perfect subfloor.

ARDEX A 55 – Ultra Rapid Drying Self-Levelling Compound

Receives floor coverings in 90 minutes regardless of thickness, making it ideal for areas that require rapid repair and renovation work.

Rapid Repair & Smoothing Systems

ARDEX FEATHER FINISH – Rapid Drying Patching & Smoothing Compound

Can be used for filling and feather finishing on plywood, cement/sand screeds, levelling compounds and ceramic tiles, etc. Floor coverings can be installed after as little as 15 minutes.

ARDEX ARDURAPID A 45 – Rapid Drying & Hardening Internal Repair Mortar

Ideal for the repair of internal concrete, screeds, renders and concrete steps, ARDEX ARDURAPID A 45 can also be used to form ramps, fill cracks and joints, etc. Regardless of thickness, floor coverings can be walked on and laid after 1½ hours.

ARDEX A 46 – Rapid Setting & Hardening External Repair Mortar

Slump free, ideal for external and internal repairs. Can be used to repair stair treads and risers, infilling holes around fittings and for patch work on floor areas. The rapid hardening properties of ARDEX A 46 mean that it is walkable in 2-3 hours. Can be used under a DPM.

Fast Track Cements for Screeds

ARDEX A 35 – Rapid Setting & Drying Cement for Floor Screeds

Lay floor coverings after 24 hours or 4 hours when smoothed with ARDEX A 55. After just one day, the compressive and tensile strengths of ARDEX A 35 exceed the acceptable minimum attained by conventional screeds after 28 days.

Fast Setting Resurfacing & Levelling Compounds

ARDEX K 301 – Exterior Self Smoothing Levelling & Resurfacing Compound

Ideal for repairing impact damaged concrete, walkable in 2-3 hours and can be trafficked after 48 hours. ARDEX K 301 can also be used to pre-level floors prior to the application of a DPM.

Surface Damp Proof Membranes

ARDEX DPM 1 C – One Coat Surface Damp Proof Membrane - Residual Moisture Suppressant

Provides a surface damp proof membrane and barrier to rising ground moisture. Easy to apply, one coat application that guarantees the early laying of all floor coverings and can accommodate Hygrometer readings of up to 98% RH.

ARDEX MVS 95 – One Component Residual Moisture Vapour Suppressant

Protects the final floorcovering from residual construction moisture. Can be used on heated screeds, suitable for moisture readings up to 95% RH, and ARDEX levelling and smoothing compounds can be applied after 2 hours.


ARDEX P51 – General Purpose Primer

Ideal for a wide range of applications, ARDEX P51 seals and primes gypsum based plasters and screeds, and minimises air bubbles rising through levelling compounds and porous surfaces. Provides up to 160m² coverage.

ARDEX P82 – Water Dispersed Epoxy Primer

For use on all dense impervious surfaces, including hard flooring grade asphalt, ceramic and quarry tiles and rigid metal sub-floors.

Floorcovering Adhesives

The ARDEX range of floorcovering adhesives have been designed to be fully compatible within the ARDEX range and includes pressure sensitive floorcovering adhesives, adhesives for PVC sheets and tiles, linoleum and rubber floor coverings.

Full details of the range can be found by visiting www.ardex.co.uk

Sub Floor Preparation 

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ARDEX sub floor preperation rapid drying self-levelling

Images top to bottom:
Refurbishment Project at The National Gallery - ARDEX A 35 & ARDEX K15-HB;
40,000m² Flooring Refurbishment at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 1 - ARDITEX NA & ARDEX AF 2300;
Full Screeding, Tiling & Grouting Solution at New Ticket Hall, Kings Cross Station

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