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AET Flexible Space - Underfloor Air Conditioning

Under Floor Air Conditioning - Raised Access Floor - CAM-C - CAM-V - Ventilation

Under Floor Air Conditioning?

Making use of the plenum beneath a raised access floor system as the ventilation duct introduces many ways to save; enjoy the benefits… from design, through construction and in operation.

Create high quality indoor workspace with superior flexibility, adaptable and easily reconfigured. Our systems are ideal for commercial offices, learning centres and mixed-use space

Experience full functional control of the indoor environment. Benefit from personal adjustment of air flow and temperature for optimum user comfort and system efficiency.

What is Under Floor Air Conditioning?

  • UFAC systems utilise the space beneath raised access flooring (plenum), to deliver (& sometimes return) conditioned air
  • A downflow unit (CAM) treats the air & delivers it into the floor plenum
  • Air is supplied into the workspace using recessed “Fantiles” or floor standing air terminals


Why Use Under Floor Air Conditioning:

  • Architectural design freedom through elimination of ceiling void
  • One simple system for both heating & cooling services
  • Work space can be easily reconfigured at minimal cost
  • Reduced construction time & costs using modular plug & play equipment
  • Height saving advantages in new build construction
  • Overcome planning constraints by reducing building height
  • Maximise space in refurbishment construction
  • Reduced maintenance & operating costs
  • Improve LEED, BREEAM & Green Building points
  • Tax advantages through enhanced capital allowances
  • Energy efficient operation using zonal systems
  • Create comfortable work space with excellent IAQ
  • Maximise rentable space by eliminating ductwork


Configure Your Bespoke System:

  • Choose from zonal downflow or central plant systems
  • Cooling loads in excess of 200W/m²
  • Compatible with most raised access floors
  • All units with EC fans as an option
  • DX units for single zone applications
  • Floor voids from 180mm to 350mm
  • Personal control for users using integrated controls
  • Modular plug & play terminal units
  • Wide variety of air grille colours & shapes
  • Central or remote monitoring & control

AET Flexible Space

AET are leading specialists in under floor air conditioning and ventilation systems. With our product portfolio we can offer the following underfloor system configurations:

1. CAM-C zonal system (best option for height saving) constant or variable air volume, floor level supply and return air.

2. CAM-V zonal system (best option for reconfiguration) variable air volume, floor level supply air and high level return air.

Less Waste – A Better Use of Space

AET has an impressive project portfolio, working with leading developers, architects and end users. Installations include world class developments such as the 100,000m² Parkview Green in Beijing, China’s first pre-qualified LEED CS Platinum building; One Airport Square in Accra, Ghana’s greenest building; the 200,000m² Shanghai Port Cruise Terminal and the State Audit Bureau for the Kuwait Government amongst many others. A large number of these buildings have won industry awards for innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Underfloor Air Conditioning

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Underfloor Air Conditioning, Flexible Space Systems

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AET Flexible Space: Less Waste, A Better Use of Space

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