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STONEPANEL™ - Cladding System - CORIUM - Galvanised Steel - Grade 304 - Façade


STONEPANEL™ is an innovative cladding system for walls and façades, suitable for both internal and external application. Individual panels made of natural stone, including Quartzite, Gneiss, Limestone, Sandstone or Slate joined to a cement base that is reinforced with a light metal or fibre glass mesh at the base. Each piece is Z-shaped to hide the joints from view. It is very simple to install and does not need specialised labour.

STONEPANEL™ cladding is the only natural stone pre-assembled product on the market that is backed by BBA certification and offers installation advantages over traditionally built natural stone. Manufactured in China, we are the sole supplier in the UK and hold stock in the UK at various locations.


STONEPANEL SKY™ incorporates a hook in the back to allow for a mechanical fix in addition to the adhesive assuring strength and durability.

STONEPANEL SKY™ allows you to install to greater heights. It uses a patented built-in mechanical anchoring system allowing cladding of higher areas, otherwise not possible with adhesive fix alone. A suitable STONEPANEL™ clip can be supplied. This is clipped onto the STONEPANEL SKY™ piece before application and fixed with a suitable plug and stainless steel screw. The next piece of STONEPANEL SKY™ is installed on the course above, thus hiding the fixing.

Available in two sizes:

  • 610(560)x152mm (0.085m² per piece/11.77 No. per m²)
  • 600(550)x200mm (0.11m² per piece/9.1 No. per m²)

Testing of the raw material:

  • Water absorption according to NS-EN 13755
  • Petrographic analysis according to EN 124071 & EN 12326-2

Testing of panels:

  • Strength of mechanical fixing according to NT Build 306
  • Freeze thaw resistance according to NBI 134/2007 including evaluation of the material before & after exposure
  • Tensile bond strength (adhesion test) according to ENS-EN 1542
  • Impact resistance of panels according to IS0 7892

What is CORIUM?

CORIUM is a unique brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost-effective fast-track installation. It offers a facing brick finish for projects where a cladding system is required rather than traditional masonry.

The CORIUM system comprises genuine brick tiles, specially designed to fix mechanically to an HPS200 galvanised steel backing section. These profiled sections are mounted in rows onto the backing structure and the brick tiles are clipped into place.

This mechanical ‘clipping’ feature is unique to CORIUM and ensures a high strength façade whilst enabling some adjustment of tile position during installation.

An innovative and versatile solution, CORIUM brings exciting new colour and texture combinations to the construction industry.

Patented in the UK and worldwide; and fully industry tested and approved, you can be assured of a strong, quality finish to your building project that will last many years.

The Advantages of Using CORIUM

Robust & Durable: With an HPS200 galvanised steel or Grade 304 stainless steel backing section (stainless steel below the DPC), using frost resistant brick tiles. The system has an anticipated design life of 60 years in most applications, as stated in the product BRE certificate 082/01.

Fast & Simple: Building with CORIUM can be considerably faster than with traditional brickwork, and is quick and easy to install.

Versatile & Aesthetic: A variety of colours and textures are available. CORIUM is designed to blend with or complement most new build or refurbishment projects. With a variety of sizes and a range of specials, CORIUM enables bespoke bonding patterns without compromising performance or build time.

Cost Effective & Certified: Corium is suitable for use with a wide range of sub-structures, including concrete, timber-frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, masonry and structurally insulated panels.

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