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Polyflor - Specification of Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring - Slip Resistance - Polysafe - HSE Guidelines - Surface Microroughness - Pendulum Test

Why Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring is typically used in areas where there is a risk of spillage or wetness that would normally make the floor slippery and unsafe, such as bathrooms, kitchens and bar serveries.

Increasingly, safety flooring is now being specified in front of house areas such as entrances, atriums, breakout areas, corridors and circulation areas.

Polyflor’s comprehensive range of safety floorings adhere closely to HSE Guidelines by measuring against preferred slip test methods and also conform to Safety Flooring Standard EN 13845, meeting the sustainability requirements set down in the 50,000 cycles abrasion wear test.

The Polysafe portfolio offers a wide choice of colour and decoration, offering sustainable wet slip resistance for the guaranteed life of the product.

Methods of Measuring Slip Resistance

  • RRL Pendulum Test - Recommended by HSE, this in-situ test assesses the coefficient of friction achieved by swinging a pendulum foot over the floor surface in a controlled manner. All Polysafe products adhere to HSE Guidelines, achieving readings of over 36 in the wet (using the appropriate rubber slider) and have a low slip potential classification.
  • Surface Microroughness Test - Another test favoured by the HSE, to be used in conjunction with the Pendulum test. An average measurement between “peaks and valleys” of the surface is obtained. A minimum roughness of Rz >20µm is required in areas with risks of water spillage.

Other Methods

  • The Ramp Test (DIN 51130) - This ex-factory test involves the use of a shod foot human operator who walks forwards and backwards over flooring contaminated with oil. The inclination of the sample is increased gradually until the operator slips. The resulting level of degrees gives an R value – from R9 up to R13. This test result should not be used in isolation as it cannot be replicated on-site and does not take into account wear and maintenance over the floor’s lifetime.
  • Barefoot Ramp Test (DIN 51097) - As per DIN 51130 but this test relates specifically to flooring performance in continually wet and barefoot conditions. Results are classified into 3 areas: A, B & C – Class B being suitable for shower areas.

Use Areas & Polysafe Product Selector

The recommendations below give an indicative guide only as to product suitability based on Polyflor’s knowledge and experience. Other ranges will also be suitable for the areas indicated. Product recommendation is dependent on the likely viscosity of contaminants in the use area.

Decorative Safety Flooring Ranges

Polysafe Ecomax, Polysafe Wood fx PUR, Polysafe Mosaic PUR, Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix PUR and Expona Control are also suited to some of the use areas listed below, as well as applications at the front of house such as entrance areas, corridors and circulation areas. Polysafe Quattro, Hydro and Hydro Evolve also offers a clearer and more attractive decoration for continually wet and barefoot areas.

For further classification contact Polyflor Customer Technical Services

Safety Flooring

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