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Monodraught - Natural Daylight Systems

SUNPIPE® - Natural Daylight - U-Value Performance - Pitched Roof - Ecoshield

SUNPIPE® Natural Daylight System

Monodraught Ltd are UK based designers and manufacturers of low energy, low carbon natural daylight, natural ventilation and natural cooling solutions. Established in 1974, they have been pioneers within these markets and have delivered thousands of installations employing their technologies.

Sunpipe® natural daylight system has been supplied on projects worldwide. The system maximises the concept of renewable energy by reflecting daylight down through a SUPER-SILVER® mirror finish aluminium tube.

Key Benefits

The Sunpipe® is ideally suited within sectors such as education, retail, leisure, sports, health, offices and other public access buildings. By installing these systems, at least 75% of the electricity used for the lighting during daytime use can be saved and a considerable saving in carbon emissions can be achieved.

Other key benefits include the quality of the natural light within the building and the positive effects on those occupants therein. Once installed, the system requires limited maintenance during its lifetime and comes complete with a 10 year guarantee.


The SUNPIPE® system is designed around 3 basic segments comprising the natural daylight collector, the transfer pipe and the diffuser within the space. At the top of the Sunpipe® is a patented Diamond Dome made in high impact acrylic as standard. The Diamond Dome is designed specifically to increase the penetration of natural daylight through the flat surfaces and to maximise as much light as possible during overcast and other low light conditions.

Installation Details

The Diamond Dome and Ecoshield make up the double-glazed arrangement which is mounted on a purpose manufactured flashing plate specifically designed to enable suitable weather on a variety of roof types including tile, slate, metal and membrane. Condensation within the system is managed by a GoreTex vent mounted in the Diamond Dome – a waterproof but breathable membrane which manages the internal conditions to prevent condensation.

Underneath the dome is the SUPER-SILVER® mirror finish aluminium tube which conveys the natural daylight into the space. The tube is electroplated with a special PVD coating that has a diffuseness of below 6%. This extra bright rolled finish provides a greater than 98% total reflection when measured under DIN 5036-3/ASTM-E 1651.

By use of adjustable elbows, the system can be installed on virtually any roof pitch. The elbows also allow the pipe to deviate course to ensure natural daylight can be transmitted where required within the building.

Attached to the bottom of the aluminium pipe is the ceiling diffuser which has been designed to allow a maximum spread of natural daylight within the space to ensure an even light distribution. Different designs are available to suit your interior style.

U-Value Performance

The U-Value of Sunpipe® natural daylight systems has been calculated at 1.36 W/M²K with a G-Value of 0.35 on a typical application of a 1.5m length of pipe. This compares favourably with a double glazed roof light.

However, the actual area utilised by a Sunpipe® is only a small percentage of that utilised by a roof light, hence the contribution to heat loss from the building or heat gain is considered significantly lower.

The Sunpipe® range includes automatic light shut-off dampers and an integral light kit to maximise light level controls within the space.

Sunpipe® Luxloop combines all the benefits of the Sunpipe® system with a high efficiency LED source.

Sunpipe® for Commercial Applications

With a size range up to 1500mm, Sunpipes® are especially suitable for large commercial installations, as demonstrated by the successful Copper Box installation which included 88mm x 1500mm systems complete with light shut-off dampers.

Pitched Roof - Standard Kit

High impact diamond top dome


Flashing plate for slate roof

610mm long connecting piece

45° adjustable elbow

610mm standard SUNPIPE® length

Plywood backing plate / template

Slip length

Fixing ring

Ceiling diffuser - different diffuser options are available:

  • Orion
  • Contemporary
  • Elite
  • Glass

Flat Roof - Standard Kit

High impact acrylic Diamond Dome


Flashing plate (optional galvanised or lead)

610mm standard Sunpipe® length

Slip length

Fixing ring

Plywood backing plate / template

Ceiling diffuser - different diffuser options are available:

  • Orion
  • Contemporary
  • Elite
  • Glass

Square Sunpipe® specifications are available on request

Please visit our website for more information: sunpipe.monodraught.com/sunpipe-diffusers

Click the PDF image to view the technical information in full


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