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Fluorescent Lamps - LED - Spotlight - Java Linear Systems - Solar Trees

Serpentine Sackler Gallery

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery gives new life to The Magazine, a former gunpowder store, and marks the opening of the second permanent space of the Serpentine Gallery, one of London’s most renowned cultural destinations for modern and contemporary art at the heart of Kensington Gardens in London.

The new structure designed by architect Zaha Hadid has a curvy, wavy shape, contrasting with the adjacent classic and rigid pre-existing building. The expansion was designed to integrate the solid classic building with an overtly modern, luminous and dynamic space in a blend of old and new.

The five internal columns that support the huge fibreglass cover of the pavilion are illuminated using a special lighting product created by Artemide with high-performance features, originating from the company’s high design skills displayed with the LED-based Ego spotlight.

The directional projectors Ego 90 and Ego 150 placed at the foot of the columns allow focus and a direct luminous flow without dispersing light across the environment, whilst enhancing their beauty.

Roberto Cavalli HQ & Showroom

The reception area was illuminated with Nothing Recessed concealed built-in luminaires which disappear completely into the false ceiling, drawing attention to the lighting effects and enhancing the reception counter and the waiting area in front. The Java Linear System was used for the passageway in a special version for fluorescent lamps and arranged as a dotted line to separate the connections from the operating areas.

To ensure maximum usage flexibility, the showroom area was illuminated with adjustable, custom-finished appliances from the Picto 125 range mounted on a three-phase slide located on two longitudinal tracks to achieve optimal colour yield for the display.

The women’s accessories area was also illuminated with adjustable custom-finished appliances from the Picto 125 range mounted on a slide, and the Java Linear System was used for areas with a double ceiling. The decision to use two different types was a result of the architectural configuration of the area.

The Surf System LED provided overall illumination for the offices, a more attractive alternative to fluorescent modules for general lighting solutions, and adjustable Tolomeo LED task lights with light intensity control were used at each workstation.

Larte Restaurant

Larte is not just a restaurant, it is more of a meeting point between food and wine, art, design and fashion. In this temple of “good taste”, a sample of Italian culture and style, different rooms require a variety of lighting solutions. The LED appliances create the right ambiance for each area, from the restaurant and bar to the entrance hall and to the “exhibiting” areas, host to masterpieces of Italian design and cuisine.

Artemide responds to the different light engineering requirements with a variety of different solutions, including LED appliances designed by the Architect Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Their approach strives towards one goal; to improve man’s life and relation with the environment, whilst ensuring optimal energy saving through LEDs.

A shower of Empatia, a suspension lamp introduced at Euroluce 2013, illuminates the entrance hall and bar, which also boasts one of the longest counters in Italy. A long series of Una Pro directional spots lead customers towards the restaurant, illuminating a set of showcases that host pieces of traditional Italian art and craft. In the restaurant section and reception halls, Fractals and Algoritmo lamps ensure appropriate lighting and perfect colour rendering to enhance the delicacies served at Larte.

Solar Tree

Solar Tree, created by Ross Lovegrove, one of the most famous contemporary designers, was developed and produced by Artemide in collaboration with Sharp Solar, world leader in solar cells production. This revolutionary urban lighting project works with the most advanced solar technology, respecting not only environmental issues, but also cultural and social aspects of today’s world.

Solar Tree demanded very complex studies and analysis which Artemide conducted with great commitment and sensitivity to ecological demands.

“Artemide has been considering social responsibility and sustainability for a long while now” says Ernesto Gismondi, the President of Artemide. “Respecting life, environment and all the natural resources available means facing the energy saving issue in a very serious way. Consequently, advanced and high technical capacity technologies are created.”

Solar Tree is a sinuous tree made of steel pipes, each one supporting a light bubble to which there are 38 sophisticated solar cells connected to a battery system. An electronic device is hidden in its base. The light source consists of an array of LEDs, the most advanced technology in lighting today.

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